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Ruckus Unleashed Solution FAQ

| 25-Jan-2017

Ruckus Unleashed Solution FAQ


Q: What is Unleashed?
A: Unleashed is an enterprise-class controller-less wireless LAN (WLAN) solution that is cost effective, simple to
deploy and yet feature rich- an ideal solution for Small Medium Business (SMB) customers. It supports up to 25
Access Points (APs) and 512 client devices.

Q: What AP models does it support?
A: Unleashed supports the R500, R600, R310, and T300 series.

Q: Can the Unleashed network consist mix AP models?
A: Yes, the Unleashed network can consist of mixed supported models.

Ruckus Unleashed
Q: Are there restrictions in terms of which AP can be the master in an Unleashed network?
A: No, there are absolutely no restrictions as to which AP should be the master. Any AP, irrespective of the
supported model can become the Master AP in an Unleashed network.

Q: Can a Ruckus controller managed APs and the Unleashed APs co-exist in the same VLAN/network?
A: Controller managed APs can co-exist within the Unleashed network. Unleashed APs will not automatically
join a controller such as ZD or SZ 100 and similarly, controller managed APs will not automatically join the
Unleashed network.

Q: Do I need AP capacity licenses?
A: No, Ruckus Unleashed does not need AP capacity licenses.

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