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Why use futonix ?

Our team provides a quality & reliable solution that is customized to the end user based on our experience & expertise.


From lighting to Audio Visual, automation allows you to create the perfect ambience in every room, depending on preference, lifestyle and routine.


From Boardrooms to Restarants, futonix can make the settings up of a venue become as easy and simple as pushing a button.


From Automated hotel phones to custom led lighting control for every room, we can open the impossible

Hospitality Packages

Our hospitality package includes the following services

New Hotel Contraction Prewire

Hybrid Phone Setup

Automation System

Wireless internet Access

LED Lighting/Accent Lighting

Security System

Audio Setup

Custom Hotel Wall Photos w/USB

Wireless WISP

Long range Wireless Comms.

Upto 100 miles 500mbps Speeds

High throughput Wireless

Solar Powered Wireless

Great for Oil Fields, Small Towns, Places where no internet cables

Automation Systems

Commercial & Residential Automation Systems

Control any device remotely

Facial Recognition

Automatic mood control

Technology & Innovation

View the latest projects by futonix technology innovations.

| 12-Nov-2015

Los Angeles is the world’s first city to deploy Philips’ SmartPole streetlighting with built-in 4G LTE wireless technology from Ericsson.

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